Are you a strong independent woman with multiple responsibilities who is always taking care of others?

Who is taking care of YOU?

Do you wake most days feeling unrested, and push through your work day with stress or anxiety? Would you like to live life WELL?

I'd like to help you.

Are symptoms of menopause affecting the quality of your daily life? Did you know that there are simple natural methods for decreasing your symptoms?

Diet and lifestyle changes, herbs, or low dose bio-identical hormones may ease your symptoms.

Are you interested in preventing osteoporosis and heart disease so you can live life well into your golden years?

I would love to teach you how to incorporate these tools into your lifestyle.

Naturopathic Medicine (also called Functional Medicine) is a unique approach to help with these issues and more.  Let's work towards the goal of living life well.  Call my office and let's talk today.